About Us

SITI FOODS, was founded in Istanbul in 1995 as a member of SITI GROUP and known with its significant investments and leading steps taken in its main sector as foodstuff products of its own brands and distributorships of multinational companies. Immediately after its incorporation, SITI GROUP has gained significant acceleration with the progresses it has made and following its success in the industries it has provided services in a short time, it has also initiated many new innovations proudly. Its head office was moved to Istanbul in 2001 which is the core of business in Middle East and Europe so as to provide added value to the domestic and global economy with its commercial activities and employment opportunities. SITI FOODS adopted the principle of “100% customer satisfaction” in all areas in its sales and after sales services and it meets the demands and requests of its customers in all fields of its activities at the utmost level.SITI FOODS aims at providing better quality constantly and having adopted concept of innovative ideas in management and service policies,aims at becoming solution partner for its valuable customers and providing them services for many years. OUR VISION As a Global company, we aim at becoming a business partner for our customers by providing them efficient and precise solutions and directing the sector in our areas of activities with quality services and solutions we provide.